Being in a committed relationship is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Click To Tweet Simply because in our culture we are brought up to believe the fairytale. No-one mentioned in the job description, the consistent discipline of compromise, patience, loyalty or the hard – won empathy required from both people to make it work. Yet any of you in a long term relationship probably know, love is a choice and one you make every day if you choose to share your life with someone.

You are also most likely aware that even though you fight, it is about learning how to fight fairly and forgive that is important to keep your bond strong.  Most couples bumble along and get better at this skill with practise.

Yet some couples go from an extraordinarily blissful honeymoon phase to fights that slowly but surely become corrosive, cruel and abusive. This can happen subtly, and it can almost creep up on a person, but suddenly you find you are second guessing yourself and losing confidence in your opinions and decisions.

Recently I was interviewed by Sarah Morrissey from Little Rockers Radio to discuss what is emotional abuse? We talked about how to recognise it, how someone who is experiencing it would potentially feel in the relationship, and the early warning signs to look out for if your new partner has the potential to become abusive. Most importantly, we discussed ways of finding the escape hatch to get out of the relationship.

Listen here: