The power of self compassion

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Do you want to understand the power of self compassion to help you when in pain, anywhere and anytime? Does it sound too good to be true? When people experience something going wrong at work —whether it’s a bad sales quarter, being overlooked for a promotion, or a conflict with a colleague—it’s common to respond […]

Four tips to help when you feel depressed

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  • Can’t get out of bed
  • Low energy, dragging yourself through the day?
  • Keep thinking about things you’ve done in the past that make you feel bad? (Check out how to stop thinking about the past)
  • Feel hopeless about your future?
  • Negativity eating you from the inside out?

Increasing mastery makes you feel competent […]

How to stop thinking about the past

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There are only two things you can truly control—your thoughts and what you do. No one else can choose either one of those for you.  Thinking about the past with regret can become negative and robs you of your present well-being and, over time, can lead to serious problems like anxiety

Why do we […]

How to heal from an affair this Valentines Day

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You have discovered your partner has cheated on you. You are shocked… feel like the rug has been pulled from under you and now angry that you have been lied to and betrayed so easily. After you get over the initial shock, you can’t stop chasing down every last detail of what happened. You need to […]

Medicare and mental health – what you need to ask in this election campaign

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The truth about mental health in this country.

Did you know there are 3.2 million Australians who suffer from a mental illness every year?

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 – 44.

“It has been described as a national emergency. While the Turnbull government has begun to implement some structural reforms affecting […]