I have a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, a Masters of Organisational Psychology and have earned a Clinical Diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Somatic Psychotherapy. I have also completed a specialist course in couples’ therapy at Relationships Australia – a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. Always a ‘work with people’ person, corporate Human Resources, in the past, in both training and recruitment until I discovered the psychotherapeutic practice and community.

I’m fascinated by people. Over the years, I have learned to really, actively listen, and take on each person and their situation as a completely unique challenge.

I’ve done the hard work myself as well. I have done hundreds of hours of personal psychotherapy, supervision and professional development. I’ve developed a knack for pinpointing what’s going on for you from the first conversation. It lets me really clarify the reality of what’s happening (even if it’s non – verbal) so I can understand your situation fully, and we can design a process that will put you on the road to recovery. And what could be better than that?


After a few personal negative experiences with more traditional healing methods, I began to explore other disciplines …and came across this contemporary approach. Soma is a Greek word meaning ‘the living body’. With this holistic approach, thought, emotion and bodily experience are understood as inter-functioning aspects of the person’s whole being. The more I studied, the more excited I became. This approach resonated so strongly with my own ideas, feelings, and bodily sensations, I felt like I had ‘come home’.

I work within a strong ethical code of practice, which clearly outlines the boundaries appropriate for a therapeutic relationship. I am also quality assured and professionally registered as a full clinical member through the peak professional body PACFA – the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, Inc.

I love to share what I do with audiences. I was a guest speaker at the 2012 Self Psychology Empathink conference in Canberra and at the ASPA conference based in Melbourne. In 2015 I was a guest speaker at the ASPA based Sydney Conference and also presented the paper in Melbourne at the professional development forum for psychotherapists. In 2018 I was invited to present a paper at the Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Conference on couples’ work. From 2012 – 2016 I was also a sought after facilitator with Relationships Australia, and led highly successful weekend couples workshops called Strengthening Relationships.


I am experienced at creating a warm and respectful professional relationship that will help you to unravel old patterns of feeling and thinking.
I have worked with many different type of people and problems over the past ten years and clients tell me that together we get great results often to long standing difficult problems.
This field of work offers greater confidentiality: Our work together is 100% confidential, and a diagnosis or label does not appear on your medical file, as it would in a mental health plan. This can be a useful “perk” when seeking counseling alongside applying for a new job, seeking a life insurance policy, etc.
I use empathy, and acceptance together with mindfulness techniques, as an effective way of working with you to help you grow and develop in ways that may not have been possible in your earlier life. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention in a non – judgemental way to what is going on in your body, your mind and the world around you. Fundamental change and lasting relief from longstanding emotional issues is achievable using these methods.
I believe the clinician – client relationship provides as much healing as our work itself does. For this reason, I see a maximum of 5 clients or couples per day, so I can slow down, listen deeply to each individual, and truly be present and invested in your needs in each session.
My holistic approach is fully tailored to you: My sessions produce truly effective, lasting results over time, because I deviate from the “one-size-fits-all” approach. With roots in the discipline of somatic psychotherapy, I focus on your unique needs, experiences, conscious and subconscious expressions of stress, and personal challenges.
I will provide a professional relationship of support, challenge and understanding. In essence, I’m here to walk beside you on your journey to better mental and emotional health. I believe in your potential for transforming your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving (I see it happen, time and time again), and consider it a privilege to guide you.
My passion for learning and growing has enabled me to build a wealth of knowledge to help you move out of pain.
My rigorous commitment to ongoing professional supervision and professional training ensures I am up to date with the latest developments in mental health.
“I firmly believe that even the most troubled person can be helped. Regardless of how challenging the issues, professional support and judgement free encouragement, combined with a strong working alliance, can create a pathway for permanent positive change.
I’m working to create a world where more people take time to slow down, listen deeply to themselves, and invest profoundly in their mental and emotional wellbeing. Contact me for an initial consultation.”
Marg Ryan, 2016