• I’m always in the wrong — I can’t get it right for you
  • I’m so angry I just shut down
  • I get so fed up I just do my own thing
  • I can’t stop crying and that makes him so frustrated
  • We don’t spend any time together – and when we do we end up fighting
  • He just doesn’t get me any more
  • She’s never there
  • I’ve stopped trying — it’s too hard
  • Can I forgive him / her?
  • If I’m really honest, this cuts me deep inside
  • I can’t believe it’s come to this

You can both find your way to a healthy, secure relationship.


I can help you to talk together constructively about what’s standing in the way of you both re-connecting with each other. Counselling can assist you to learn how to become more accessible and responsive to your partner to strengthen your relationship. The sessions will increase your ability to listen, forgive and resolve issues with each other. These skills will be crucial tools for you both to enhance in order to renew and sustain your relationship or even save your marriage.

Couples come to me because:

  • we are so different ~ we have important things we absolutely disagree about
  • we can’t agree on money, children, careers, where to live, step-kids …
  • I’ve just discovered my partner is unfaithful – why do people have affairs?
  • should I go through with the wedding?
  • how do I deal with the in-laws?
  • we’re from very different backgrounds — can we bridge the gaps?
  • is our baggage too much this time around?
  • things are not great in the bedroom
  • can we fix it or do I leave?

Change and relief from this pain is achievable through counselling. I will help you both gain clarity about your situation so you know where to from here.

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“In the sessions we got better at seeing how we kept getting caught in a negative fighting cycle. Once we understood what we were doing, we improved our ability to not set each other off and the result was we could find more understanding between us. Things are calmer and we are much happier now.” | Woman, 47, name confidential

“Marg was able to help us talk about the difficult stuff we had avoided with each other and help us find a way to compromise in order to resolve what seemed like really tough issues.” | Man, 35, name confidential

“I felt so much calmer going into organising the wedding once we had sorted out the problems we were experiencing with our different families getting involved.” | Woman, 28, name confidential

“Through our work with Marg I definitely realized I needed to separate. It was so hard but I felt at least that we were finally being honest with each other about what needed to happen next.” | Man, 53, name confidential