• Repetitive, negative thoughts get stuck in your head
  • Can’t eat, can’t sleep, agitated, nauseous, breathless
  • Nothing is changing, nobody can help you
  • You’re lonely, your friends seem out of reach
  • Your relationship isn’t working — but how can you fix it or leave it?


I will create a safe place for you to explore and understand your dilemma. Clarity and insight about your situation will bring you greater self-confidence, better relationships and, ultimately, happiness.

People come to me for the best treatment of anxiety and depression because of:

  • stress: you’re just not coping, something’s just not right
  • a major set-back: it’s messing up your life
  • losing your job or struggling with work life or colleagues
  • losing an important person: a baby, partner, family
  • a health scare or difficult diagnosis
  • the new baby, kids, step-kids, teenagers
  • coming out and how to tell others about it
  • dealing with infertility and lost hopes of parenting
  • not reaching your potential and wanting more out of your life.

Change and relief from this pain is achievable through counselling. I will help you gain clarity about your situation so you know where to from here. 

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Marg has really helped me. I now feel more satisfied with where my life’s heading, even though when we started I felt stressed out and confused. I’m now clearer, I get on better with the people around me and get more enjoyment out of my life.” | Woman, 32, name confidential

“When I came in I was wound-up about work and couldn’t sleep. Now, leaving, I know what I’ve got to do, and I’m ready to deal with it.” | Man, 45, name confidential

“Marg has demonstrated her ability to assist individuals in finding contentment and life satisfaction, whether their struggles are quite mild or more seriously life impacting.” | Dr Clare Rosoman, Clinical Psychologist and Co-director of The Australian Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy