In your first session I’ll ask you – or you and your partner: “What brings you to counselling today?” The format of the session will depend on your specific needs.

Each person requires something unique, and so our discussion is deliberately unstructured. In this way, I can be guided by what is important for you to talk about, specifically.

Usually, my clients have something bothering them when they come in for the first time. It is normal to feel a bit nervous, so please be assured you are welcome to discuss whatever you feel. After our initial session, I’ll begin to understand your situation, and perhaps help you make sense of where you’d like to be, and what your goals and milestones are. This is also my opportunity to explain more about how I work, and the kind of shifts that are possible for us to make together.

…If you’re hoping for change – you’ve come to the right person.
It’s time to move out of pain, and into more stability, self compassion, and love than you ever thought possible.

Individual counselling can provide you with a safe, accepting environment within which to explore problems of living.

Individual therapy sessions can help you:
•    open up and manage intolerable feelings
•    explore and change limiting thought patterns and self destructive behaviours
•    develop better relationships with yourself and others
•    make you feel much more in control of  your own life

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Couples’ counselling can help you with whatever problems you are experiencing – no matter if you are married or in a defacto or a same sex relationship.

Couples’ counselling can help you:
•    understand the relationship you currently share with your partner

•    rediscover your attraction for each other
•    find out what you both want now from your relationship and from each other
•    understand how you each have contributed to whatever your relationship has become
•    work out what you are prepared to do to make the relationship work
•    if you decide to separate – work out how to do this respectfully and with integrity

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Short Term Counselling works for an immediate problem and can help you:

•   relieve stress, feel better and develop a renewed sense of purpose
•   invest in yourself for a more positive future
•   increase self respect – by starting the process you are taking charge

Long Term Counselling can help you:

  • deal with ongoing feelings of sadness, a sense of low self esteem or prolonged feelings of being stressed out and overwhelmed
  • change stuck patterns and habits that may date back to difficulties in your childhood
  • come to a deeper understanding of yourself which results in positive progress



  • 50 minute 1:1 session


  • 50 minute 1:2 session


  • You feel nauseous, can’t eat, can’t sleep, feel agitated and short of breath
  • You are using food/drugs/alcohol and other addictions to numb out the pain
  • You are thinking that nothing can change, or nobody can really help you
  • You have repetitive negative thoughts that get stuck in your head
  • You are aware that you are lonely or you can’t reach out to friends
  • You are in a relationship that is not working but you don’t know what to do to fix it or leave it

Change and relief from this pain is achievable with counselling. Discover happiness, greater self confidence and better relationships through growth and change.

“The relationship you have with your therapist is as much a part of the healing as the content of the work I do with you. It is critical that you know, and truly feel, that I am in your corner, doing everything I can do understand what’s going on for you.”
Marg Ryan, 2016