Recently my colleague Jessica Fowler asked me to contribute a book to her monthly blog entitled “What your Therapists are Reading.”  As I scanned down the list of great books selected for November, it occurred to me that here in Australia we typically reach for the easy “beach read” at this time of year. I think it is great that things actually truly slow down for a few weeks after Christmas and many people take the time to pull the plug on their normal frantic lifestyles.  I love a trashy beach read and some quiet time to relax and rest. However, my ideal holiday offers both relaxation and some stimulating thought and conversation. So I think it is also a perfect time of indulge in some stimulating summer reads that will set you up well for 2017. With this purpose in mind I have attached a link to her blog here so that you can choose to be inspired over the summer hiatus. Enjoy! Marg.