I was recently asked to contribute a comment on a great series of blogs from the knowledgeable team at Health in Balance.

These exercise physiologists really know their stuff, they use weight training to get you happy and motivated after an injury, illness or just when you need the motivation to get strong again!

When clients initially come to me, often exercise is the last thing on their mind. However, as their healing progresses, they begin to have the energy and the motivation to take small steps towards providing better self-care for themselves. I know they are truly on the road to well-being when they discuss how they can incorporate exercise into their routines.

This two-part blog series explains why I encourage my clients to get support to manage their anxiety or their depression from all available sources.  Physical weight training can have enormous benefits for a range of illnesses both mental and physical.  Research has linked strength training to improved focus and cognitive function, better balance, less anxiety and greater well-being.

Read their blog series part 1 here and my comments part 2 here.